sq km to sq miles

To convert square kilometers (sq km) to square miles (sq mi), you can use the following step-by-step instructions:

Step 1: Understand the conversion factor
1 square kilometer is equal to 0.386102 square miles. This conversion factor is derived from the fact that 1 mile is approximately equal to 1.60934 kilometers, and squaring both sides of the equation gives us the conversion factor.

Step 2: Set up the conversion equation
To convert sq km to sq mi, you can use the following equation:
Square miles = Square kilometers × Conversion factor

Step 3: Perform the conversion
Multiply the given number of square kilometers by the conversion factor to get the equivalent value in square miles.

For example, let’s convert 10 sq km to sq mi:
Square miles = 10 sq km × 0.386102 sq mi/sq km
Square miles ≈ 3.86102 sq mi

So, 10 square kilometers is approximately equal to 3.86102 square miles.

Remember, this conversion factor is an approximation, as the actual value of 1 mile in kilometers is slightly different.

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