16 mm to inches

To convert 16 mm to inches, you will first need to understand the relationship between these two units of length. Millimeters (mm) and inches (in) are both units of length commonly used to measure small objects. However, they are not interchangeable and have different conversion factors.

Step 1: Understand the Conversion Factor
A conversion factor is a numerical value used to convert one unit to another. In this case, the conversion factor from millimeters to inches is 0.0393701. This means that 1 mm is equivalent to 0.0393701 inches.

Step 2: Set Up the Equation
To convert 16 mm to inches, we will use the following equation: 16 mm x (0.0393701 in/ 1 mm). This equation is based on the conversion factor we established in Step 1.

Step 3: Cancel Out Units
In order to solve the equation, we need to cancel out the units that we are converting from (mm) and converting to (in). This can be done by multiplying 16 mm by the conversion factor.

16 mm x (0.0393701 in/ 1 mm) = 0.629921 in

Step 4: Simplify the Equation
We have now cancelled out the units and are left with the value in inches. However, the result still has too many decimal places. We can simplify the equation by rounding the final result to the nearest hundredth.

0.629921 in ≈ 0.63 in

Step 5: Conclusion
Therefore, 16 mm is equal to approximately 0.63 inches. This is the final conversion from mm to inches.

In summary, to convert 16 mm to inches, use the equation 16 mm x (0.0393701 in/ 1 mm) and simplify the result to the nearest hundredth. By following these steps, you can easily convert any length from millimeters to inches.

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