180 cm in inches

To convert 180 cm to inches, we first need to understand the basic conversion factor between these two units of length. 1 cm is equivalent to 0.393701 inches. This means that to convert cm to inches, we need to multiply the given value by 0.393701.

So, to convert 180 cm into inches, we can use the following formula:

180 cm x 0.393701 inches/cm = 70.86618 inches

Therefore, 180 cm is equal to 70.86618 inches.

Here are the step by step instructions to convert 180 cm to inches:

Step 1: Write down the conversion factor. 1 cm = 0.393701 inches.

Step 2: Determine the given value in cm. In this case, the given value is 180 cm.

Step 3: Multiply the given value by the conversion factor.
180 cm x 0.393701 inches/cm = 70.86618 inches

Step 4: Round off the answer to the desired number of decimal places, if required. In this case, we can round off the answer to 2 decimal places. So, the final answer is 70.87 inches.

Step 5: Write down the final answer with the unit of measurement. Therefore, 180 cm is equal to 70.87 inches.

Remember, when converting units it is important to keep track of the units and their placement in the calculation. Canceling out the units as shown in the formula, helps to ensure that the answer is in the desired unit of measurement.

I hope these instructions were helpful in converting 180 cm to inches. Remember to double check your calculations and always include the unit of measurement in your final answer. Keep practicing and soon you will be an expert in converting between different units of length.

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