54 in cm

To convert 54 inches (in) into centimeters (cm), you will need to use a conversion factor. A conversion factor is a numerical value that is used to convert one unit to another. In this case, the conversion factor for inches to centimeters is 2.54 cm.

Step 1: Write down the given value in inches
For this problem, the given value is 54 inches. Write this value down as follows:
54 in

Step 2: Set up the conversion factor
As mentioned before, the conversion factor for inches to centimeters is 2.54 cm. Write this down below the given value, keeping the units aligned:
54 in
x 2.54 cm/in

Step 3: Cancel out the units
To convert inches to centimeters, you must cancel out the unit inches on the top and bottom of the fraction. This can be achieved by multiplying the given value by the conversion factor as follows:
(54 in) x (2.54 cm/in)

Step 4: Perform the calculation
To find the value in centimeters, simply multiply 54 by 2.54. You can use a calculator to get the precise answer of 137.16 cm.

Step 5: Write the final answer
Now that you have the final answer, write it down with the correct units. In this case, the answer is 137.16 cm. Therefore, the final answer will be:
54 in = 137.16 cm

You have successfully converted 54 inches to centimeters! You can also round the answer to the nearest whole number, which would be 137 cm. Keep in mind that the conversion factor for inches to centimeters is always 2.54 cm. You can use this conversion factor to convert any given value from inches to centimeters.

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