56 to cm

To convert 56 to cm, we will use the following formula: 1 inch = 2.54 cm.

Step 1: Identify the given value
In this case, the given value is 56 inches. This step is important as it ensures that we are converting the correct value.

Step 2: Set up the conversion equation
We will use the conversion equation mentioned above: 1 inch = 2.54 cm.

Step 3: Cancel out the unit that is common on both sides
Since we are converting from inches to cm, we need to cancel out inches. This can be done by multiplying both sides of the equation by 56 inches.

1 inch x 56 inches = 2.54 cm x 56 inches

Step 4: Simplify
On the left side of the equation, 1 inch is cancelled out and we are left with 56. On the right side, we can simplify 2.54 cm x 56 inches to get the final answer.

56 inches = 142.24 cm

Step 5: Add the unit
Since the conversion was from inches to cm, we need to include the unit cm in the answer. Therefore, the final answer is:
56 inches = 142.24 cm.

Therefore, 56 inches is equal to 142.24 cm.

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