62 in cm

Step 1: Understand the given information
In this question, we are given a value of 62, which is in an unspecified unit of length. We are asked to convert this value into centimeters (cm).

Step 2: Determine the conversion factor
The conversion factor for converting from an unspecified unit of length to centimeters is 1 cm = 1 unit of length.

Step 3: Set up the conversion equation
To convert, we will use the following equation:
62 units of length x 1 cm/ 1 unit of length = ? cm

Step 4: Solve the equation
Plugging in the values, we get:
62 x 1 cm/1 = 62 cm

Step 5: Simplify the equation
Since we are multiplying by 1, the final answer is simply 62 cm.

Step 6: Write the final answer
The final answer is 62 cm.

Step 7: Check the answer
To check the answer, we can use the reverse conversion to see if we get back to the original value. In this case, we can convert 62 cm back to the original units of length using the same conversion factor.
62 cm x 1 unit of length/ 1 cm = 62 units of length
Since we get back to the original value of 62, we can be confident that our answer of 62 cm is correct.

Congratulations, you have successfully converted 62 into cm!

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