84 cm to inches

Step 1: Understand the Units
The first step in converting a unit of length is to understand the units involved. In this case, we are converting from centimeters (cm) to inches (in).

Step 2: Determine the Conversion Factor
A conversion factor is a ratio that is used to convert between two units. In this case, the conversion factor for cm to in is 2.54, which means that 1 cm is equivalent to 2.54 inches.

Step 3: Set up the Conversion Equation
Now that we have the conversion factor, we can set up the conversion equation. It will look like this:
1 cm = 2.54 in

Step 4: Use Proportion
To convert 84 cm to inches, we will use proportion. This is a method of solving an equation where two ratios are equal to each other. In this case, we will set up the proportion like this:
1 cm/84 cm = 2.54 in/x in

Step 5: Solve for x
Next, we will cross multiply and solve for x by multiplying 84 by 2.54 and then dividing by 1. This will give us the value of x in inches. The equation will look like this:
(84 x 2.54)/1 = x

Step 6: Simplify
Finally, we will simplify the equation and solve for x. The calculation will look like this:
(213.36)/1 = x
x = 213.36 in

Step 7: Final Answer
84 cm is equivalent to 213.36 inches. Therefore, 84 cm = 213.36 in.

Step 8: Round to the Nearest Hundredth
In most cases, the length measurement will require rounding to the nearest hundredth. For this example, we will round the final answer, 213.36 in, to two decimal places, giving us the final answer of 213.37 in.

Congratulations, you have successfully converted 84 cm to inches using the conversion factor of 2.54. Remember to always understand the units, use proportion, and simplify to find the final answer.

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