33 cm to inches

To convert 33 cm to inches, start by understanding the relationship between these two units of length. One inch is equal to 2.54 cm. This means that in order to convert cm to inches, we need to multiply the given value by 0.394 (1/2.54).

Step 1: Write down the conversion formula
To convert from cm to inches, we use the formula:
inches = cm x 0.394

Step 2: Plug in the given value
In our case, cm = 33. So the formula becomes:
inches = 33 x 0.394

Step 3: Perform the calculation
Using a calculator, we get the result to be:
inches = 12.99

Step 4: Round off the final answer
Since inches are usually expressed in whole numbers, we round off our answer to 13 inches.

Step 5: Write the final answer
Therefore, 33 cm is equal to 13 inches.

You can also check your answer by converting back from inches to cm using the reverse formula:
cm = inches x 2.54
In our case, inches = 13. So the formula becomes:
cm = 13 x 2.54 = 33 cm

Hence, we have successfully converted 33 cm to inches and verified our answer.

In summary, to convert cm to inches:
1. Write down the conversion formula: inches = cm x 0.394
2. Plug in the given value in cm.
3. Perform the calculation.
4. Round off the answer to the nearest whole number.
5. Write the final answer, stating the unit of inches.

Remember to always check your answer and use a reliable conversion formula to ensure accuracy. With these steps, you can easily convert any value in cm to inches.

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